GED Practice

GED Math Review: Word Problem with Irregular Figures


  1. Emily plans to tile her laundry room floor. except for the space underneath the washer and dryer. Each tile covers 1 square foot of space. How many tiles will Emily need to do the job?

    • 28
    • 107
    • 135
    • 163

  2. In the following figure, the shaded part shows the walkway around a garden. The garden measures 36 feet by 20 feet. How many square feet is the surface of the walkway?

  3. Construction workers will line the outside edge of a pool with tile strips, each 6 inches in length. How many strips are needed to go completely around the edge of the pool shown below?

    • 120
    • 204
    • 240
    • 408

  4. A toy maker is using a cylindrical container, shown below, to package a new toy. The toy is the shape of a cube, 8 inches on a side. The remaining space inside the cylinder will be filled with protective filler. How many cubic inches of filler will be needed per package (to the nearest cubic inch)?

  5. Jerry is ordering shingles for the roof of the storage building shown below. A bundle of shingles covers 3 square yards of roof. How many bundles of shingles should Jerry order?

  6. _________ bundles


    1. 107
    2. A
    3. 408
    4. C
    5. 32


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