GED Practice

GED Math Review: Solving Algebraic Equations


Translate each situation into an algebraic equation. Then solve.

  1. The sum of a number and twice that number is 15. What is the number?
  2. The sum of 7 and twice a certain number is 10 more than the number. What is the number?
  3. One number is 5 less than another. The sum of the two numbers is 181. Find the two numbers.
  4. When the sum of 8 and a certain number is increased by 12, the result is the same as the product of 3 and the number. What is the number?
  5. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 49. What is the lesser number?
  6. George is 5 times as old as his son. In 15 years, he will be only twice as old as his son. How old will his son be in 15 years?
  7. The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 30. What is the greatest of the three even numbers? (Hint: Let x represent the first even number. Let x + 2 represent the second even number.)
  8. Nora is 4 years older than Diana. Two years from now, Nora will be twice as old as Diana. How old is Diana now?
  9. A bank teller had 125 $10 and $5 bills to start a day. If the total value of the bills was $1,000, how many $5 bills did the teller have? [Hint: If x equals the number of $5 bills, then 5x equals the value of the $5 bills. The number of $10 bills is 125 - x, and the total value of the $10 bills is 10(125 - x).]
  10. Twice a number divided by 4 is 16. What is the number?
  11. The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 315. What are the numbers? (Hint: If x represents the first odd number, the second number is x + 2.)
  12. One number is two more than three times another. The sum of the numbers is 26. What is the lesser number?
  13. Armando works part-time at a pet store. This week he earned $18 less than 4 times the amount he earned last week. His total earnings for the two weeks were $262. How much did he earn this week?
  14. There are two consecutive numbers. The sum of the lesser number and three times the greater number is 103. Find the two numbers.
  15. A shoe store sold 340 pairs of shoes in one day. The number of pairs of athletic shoes sold was 4 more than twice the number of pairs of dress shoes sold. How many pairs of athletic shoes were sold?
  16. A school sold 200 tickets to a play. Ticket prices were $8 per adult and $5 per child. If the total sales for the tickets came to $1,414, how many children's tickets were sold? (Hint: If x adult tickets were sold, then 200 - x children's tickets were sold.)
  17. Erika's uncle is three times as old as she is now. Four years ago, he was four times as old as she was then. How old is Erika now?

  1. 5
  2. 3
  3. 88 and 93
  4. 10
  5. 24
  6. 20
  7. 12
  8. 2
  9. 50
  10. 32
  11. 103, 105, and 107
  12. 6
  13. $206
  14. 25 and 26
  15. 228 pairs
  16. 62
  17. 12


Complete Test Preparation for the GED Test 2014 by Steck-Vaughn