GED Practice

GED Math Review: Proportional Relationships


Directions: Choose or write the answer to each questions.

Use the graph for problems 1 and 2.

John, Desmond, Carl, and Ming are having a contest to see who can blow up a beach ball the fastest. The graph shows the rates of each of the boys in cubic inches per second. (Hint: All lines pass through the origin.)
  1. Who has the fastest rate?
    • Carl
    • Desmond
    • John
    • Ming
  2. Courtney decides that she wants to join the contest. If the equation y = 11. 18x represents her proportional relationship, what place will she come in against the boys? Use the graph to help you compare rates.
    • first
    • second
    • third
    • last
  3. Farmer Dale and his wife own a dairy farm. The table shows how many buckets of milk the farmer and his wife get from their cows over a period of time. If these rates remain the same, how many more buckets of milk will Farmer Dale's wife gather in 180 minutes than him?

  4. Which rental offers the best price?
    • Rent-All
    • A-1 Rentals
    • Car Town
    • Easy Rent

  1. Ming
  2. third
  3. 6 buckets
  4. Rent-All


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