GED Practice

GED Math Review: Linear Functions


Write or graph the answer to each question.

  1. Maria is taking a business flight from California to New York, and the airplane flies at a constant speed of 550 miles per hour. Determine a linear function to express the distance traveled in terms of the time elapsed, and construct a graph of the function, making sure to label the axes. let d represent distance in miles and t represent time in hours since departure.

  2. The stock price for shares in ESX Technologies is tracked for the first six months of the year. The share price at the end of each month is listed in the table below.

    Could the price of shares in ESX Technologies be modeled by a linear function? Explain why or why not. If yes, determine a possible function and clearly define the variables used.


  3. Clarence knows that a new television's value will decrease over time after its purchase. The television sells for $825, and its value will decrease by $75 per year after purchase. Determine a linear function to express the value of the television in terms of the years of ownership. Let v represent value and let t represent years of ownership. Sketch a graph for the first 15 years of ownership. Determine the point where the graph intersects the horizontal axis, and explain its meaning in the context of the problem.


  4. The Coolidge Library opened in 1920 with a collection of 7,000 books. At the end of each successive decade, the collection had increased by 500 books. Determine a linear function to represent this information and sketch its graph. (Hint: Let b represent number of books and t represent decades elapsed since 1920.)


  5. A local meteorologist predicts the temperature decline when a cold front passes through the area starting at noon. The information is shown in the graph crosses the horizontal axis.



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