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Corona Virus News Update: US School Closures

The CNN Video script is found below:

Parents scramble as virus fears cause school closures, as reported by CNN today, March 13, 2020. 

As the officials try to slow the spread of the Corona Virus, some states have begun shutting down have begun shutting down their entire school systems. Maryland and Kentucky schools are down for two weeks. Ohio schools will close for three.  

Elsewhere school closures are more sporadic but no less dramatic for parents left scrambling. "It's really stressful that this is happening but I understand why it has to happen." "I think it was necessary. You know, I just listening in Italy they were saying they wish they done their closures a week early."  

Across the country, thousands of schools and millions of students are expected to be affected by the closures and those numbers are expect to rise. In Seattle, one district explaining that dealing with the hardship of shutting down is still better than what could happen if they stay open.  "This is the best decision we could make based on public health guidance and to mitigate future risks towards students, families and communities."

Schools are already on spring break are taking extra precautions to make sure those students stay healthy whenever they may return. "I'm confident that we can provide safe haven for their children to be in." The CDC's guidelines for schools with identified cases of corona virus in their community leaves the decision whether or not to close to the school and health officials. 

In California, officials announced that schools there will stay open but individual areas are closing schools. And for many children who rely on school food, shutting down means more than just missed classes. "We do deemed that schools are essential not non essential. Eighty percent (80%) of that student body is on reduced meal programs." It's not just California. According to the US Department of Agriculture, across the United States, millions of students rely on more than twenty million free school meals provided each day.  Leaving some parents to wonder when school's closed, how will their children eat.