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Corona Virus Containment Zone: Education Continues Despite Quarantine

As reported by USA Today, March 12, 2020, a New Rochelle, New York, mother of four young kids talk about what life is like in coronavirus quarantine or the "containment area". 
The USA Today Video script is found below:

Tamar Weinberg said, "A lot of the people in the community have woken up to helicopters, not really sure what that was." 

The video confirmed that it was the National Guard, arriving to help. It was said that the family has been self-quarantined since early March when someone in their religious community tested positive for COVID-19. 

She has tried to keep a routine working from home with her kids. Apparently, the school has been absolutely amazing as they erected a website for virtual learning on such a short notice, and that has been allowing their children to have a structure. 

"They literally have a school day from 9:00 to 3:30. The rest of the time, she says the kids play outside and keep busy. They kind of see it as this glorified vacation with a little bit of an educational component.

They weren't prepared for the long haul at home. "We did not go crazy and buy everything at Costco when before this happened. Guess we didn't think it would happen to us. And then it did, so all our neighbors, basically, bought out the store and hopefully we'll have enough.

She's been overwhelmed by support from her community and encourages others to come together in these stressful times and not be scared.