GED Practice

Algebra 1 PARCC Reviewer 13 (A-SSE.1-2)

Sub-claim: A 
The students solve problems involving the Major Content with connections to the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Type of items: Type 1
Color Code: Peach
Evidence Statement Key: A-SSE.1-2
Calculator: Z
Y = Yes; Assessed on Calculator Section
X = Calculator is Specific to Item
N = No; Assessed on Non-Calculator Sections
Z = Calculator Neutral (Could be Calculator or Non-Calculator Sections)
Point: 1 each (1:26)
Evidence Statement Text: 

Interpret quadratic expressions that represent a quantity in terms of its context.★ Interpret parts of an expression, such as terms, factors, and coefficients. Interpret complicated expressions by viewing one or more of their parts as a single entity.
Clarifications, limits, emphases, and other information intended to ensure appropriate variety in tasks:
i) See illustrations for A-SSE.1 at e.g.,
Sample Questions (taken from PARCC’s Practice Tests and Released Items):

EOY Released Test Item 9
Paper Test, Unit 2, Item 37
2016 #10

1. EOY Released Test Item 9
A rectangular garden has a length that is 3 feet longer than its width. Let w represent the width of the garden, in feet. The entire garden is surrounded by a 2-foot-wide cement walkway. What does the algebraic expression (w+4)(w+7) represent in this context?
A. the area of the garden only
B. the total area of the garden and walkway
C. the perimeter of the garden only
D. the perimeter of the walkway only

2. Paper Test, Unit 2, Item 37
A ball was thrown upward into the air.  The height, in feet, of the ball above the ground t seconds after being thrown can be determined by the expression 
-16t2 + 40t + 3. 
What is the meaning of the 3 in the expression?
A. The ball took 3 seconds to reach its maximum height.
B. The ball took 3 seconds to reach the ground.
C. The ball was thrown from a height of 3 feet.
D. The ball reached a maximum height of 3 feet.

3. 2016 #10
Roadways are crowned to let rain run off to the shoulders of the road, as illustrated in the diagram.

The width of the roadway, AB, is 18 feet. A function f that models the curved road surface is f(x) = -0.005x(x-18).   Which of these statements are true? Select all that apply.
A. The y-coordinate of the crown occurs at x = 9.
B. The crown is 9 feet above level ground.
C. The y-coordinate of the crown is approximately 0.4.
D. The x-intercepts of f are 0 and 18.
E. The x-coordinate of the crown is the average of the x-intercepts of f.

Answers: be posted soon

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