GED Practice

Algebra 1 PARCC Reviewer 5 (A-REI.3)

The students solve problems involving the Major Content with connections to the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Type of items: Type 1
Color Code: Peach
Evidence Statement Key: A-REI.3
Calculator: X
Y = Yes; Assessed on Calculator Section
X = Calculator is Specific to Item
N = No; Assessed on Non-Calculator Sections
Z = Calculator Neutral (Could be Calculator or Non-Calculator Sections)
Point: 1 each (1:26)
Evidence Statement Text:
Solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable, including equations with coefficients represented by letters.
Clarifications, limits, emphases, and other information intended to ensure appropriate variety in tasks:
1. Tasks do not include absolute value equations or compound inequalities.
Sample Questions (taken from PARCC’s Practice Tests and Released Items):
EOY Released Test Item 30
2016 #15

1. EOY Released Test Item 30
Solve 4 - 2/3 x > 2 - x for x. Plot the solution set on the number line. Select a solution set indicator. Then, select the number line and drag the point(s) to appropriate location(s).
2. 2016 #15

For the equation ax + c = bx + d, where a ≠ b and c ≠ d, what is x expressed in terms of a, b, c, and d?
Complete the expression for the value of x using the choices shown.
Choose among the boxes below.

#1.) EOY Released Test Item 30
#2.) 2016 #15
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