GED Practice

Algebra 1 PARCC Reviewer 4 (A-CED.4-2)

The students solve problems involving the Major Content with connections to the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Type of items: Type 1
Color Code: Peach
Evidence Statement Key: A-CED.4-2
Calculator: Z
Y = Yes; Assessed on Calculator Section
X = Calculator is Specific to Item
N = No; Assessed on Non-Calculator Sections
Z = Calculator Neutral (Could be Calculator or Non-Calculator Sections)
Point: 1 each (1:26)
Evidence Statement Text:
Rearrange formulas that are quadratic in the quantity of interest to highlight the quantity of interest, using the same reasoning as in solving equations.
Clarifications, limits, emphases, and other information intended to ensure appropriate variety in tasks:
1. Tasks have a real-world context.
Sample Questions (taken from PARCC’s Practice Tests and Released Items):
EOY Released Test Item 34
Practice Test, Unit 2, Item 14
Paper Test, Unit 3, Item 41
2016 #1
2016 #19

1. EOY Released Test Item 34
The area, A, of a rectangular parking lot is given by the equation A = 16s2 + 25. Jacob knows the area of the parking lot and wants to find s. Solve A = 16s2 + 25 for s.  Enter your answer on the blank provided. Enter only your answer.

s = _________

2. Practice Test, Unit 3, Item 41
Caroline knows the height and the required volume of a cone-shaped vase she's designing. Which formula can she use to determine the radius of the vase?

3. 2016 #1 
A circular pool of water is shrinking as it drains. The diagram shows the shrinkage. A formula for the area, A, of the circular pool is given by the equation A = 𝞹(r-3)2. Which is a formula for r?
4. 2016 #19
The diagram represents a bridge over a river with an opening for boats to pass under the bridge.

The area, A, of the side view is given A = 18x - 0.5𝞹r2. Which equation, in terms of A and x, represents the radius, r, of the bridge opening?



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