GED Practice

Algebra 1 PARCC Reviewer 14 (A-SSE.2-4)

Sub-claim: A
The students solve problems involving the Major Content with connections to the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Type of items: Type 1
Color Code: Peach
Evidence Statement Key: A-SSE.2-4
Calculator: Z
Y = Yes; Assessed on Calculator Section
X = Calculator is Specific to Item
N = No; Assessed on Non-Calculator Sections
Z = Calculator Neutral (Could be Calculator or Non-Calculator Sections)
Point: 1 each (1:26)
Evidence Statement Text: 

Use the structure of a numerical expression or polynomial expression in one variable to rewrite it, in a case where two or more rewriting steps are required.
Clarifications, limits, emphases, and other information intended to ensure appropriate variety in tasks:

i) Example: Factor completely: x^2 - 1 + (x - 1)^2 . (A first iteration might give (x+1)(x-1) + (x-1)(x-1), which could be rewritten as (x-1)(x+1+x-1) 1) on the way to factorizing completely as 2x(x-1). Or the student might first expand, as x^2 – 1 + x^2 -2x+1, rewriting as 2x^2- 2x, then factorizing as 2x(x-1).) 
ii) Tasks do not have a real-world context.
Sample Questions (taken from PARCC’s Practice Tests & Released Items):

EOY Released Test Item 20
Practice Test, Unit 1, Item 6
2016 #21

1. EOY Released Test Item 20
Complete the sentence by selecting the correct phrase.
The expression (a2)2 - (b2)2 is an example of __________
a. a system of equations
b. a polynomial of degree 2
c. a difference of squares
d. a completely factored expression
e. an exponential function

Which of the listed expressions are equivalent to (a2)2 - (b2)2 ?
Select all that apply.
a. a4 - b4
b. a4 + b4
c. (a2 + b2) (a2 - b2)
d. (a2 + b2) (a + b) (a - b)
e. (a - b)4

2. Practice Test, Unit 1, Item 6PART A:
What is the vertex form of f(x)?
a. f(x) = 2(x - 3)2 - 4
b. f(x) = 2(x + 3)2 - 4
c. f(x) = 2(x - 1.5)2 - 12.5
d. f(x) = 2(x + 1.5)2 - 12.5
What is a factored form of f(x)?
a. f(x) = (2x + 1)(x - 8)
b. f(x) = (2x - 1)(x + 8)
c. f(x) = 2(x + 4)(x - 1)
d. f(x) = 2(x - 4)(x + 1)

3. 2016 #21Enter your answers in the boxes to show the complete factorization of the expression -5x3 + 30x2 + 35x.
Enter your answers in the boxes.

Answers:to be posted soon

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