GED Practice

Math 7 PARCC Reviewer 2 (7.RP.2a)

The students solve problems involving the Major Content with connections to the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Type of items: Type 1
Color Code: Peach
Evidence Statement Key: 7.RP.2a
Calculator: Yes
Point: 1 each (1:29)
Evidence Statement Text: Recognize and represent proportional relationships between quantities: a. Decide whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship, e.g., by testing for equivalent ratios in a table or graphing on a coordinate plane and observing whether the graph is a straight line through the origin
Clarifications, limits, emphases, and other information intended to ensure appropriate variety in tasks:
i) Tasks have “thin context” 2 or no context. 

ii) Tasks are not limited to ratios of whole numbers. 
iii) Tasks use only coordinates in Quadrant 1 and use only a positive constant of proportionality.
Sample Questions (taken from PARCC’s Practice Tests and Released Items):
EOY Released Test Item 32

PBA Released Test Item 8
2016 Released Item #36

1. EOY Released Test Item 32
Ted bought 4 cans of Soup  for $6.00. For each soup in the table, indicate whether or not the soup has the same price per can as Soup A. 
* Soup B: 2 cans for $5.00
* Soup C: 3 cans for $4.50
* Soup D: 5 cans for $5.50
* Soup E: 6 cans for $9.00

2. PBA Released Test Item 8
Which table show a proportional relationship between x and y?
3. 2016 Released Item #36

The table shows a proportional relationship between the number of pounds of grapes purchased and the total cost of the grapes.

A row of values is missing in the table. Which number of pounds of grapes and total cost of grapes could be used as the missing values in the table? Select each correct response.
a. Pounds of grapes: 2 
    Total cost: $ 1. 38
b. Pounds of grapes: 3 
    Total cost: $ 2.53
c. Pounds of grapes: 6  
    Total cost: $ 3.68
d. Pounds of grapes: 8 
    Total cost: $ 5.52
e. Pounds of grapes: 11 
    Total cost: $ 8.97

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