GED Practice

Love for eLearning and Google

eLearning is a personal passion and Google allows me to use various teaching strategies to assist young learners with diversified needs. I facilitate learning of pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 and Google provides endless possibilities to present materials appropriate to what is currently necessary.

I'm using Google Classroom to compile learning artifacts created by the learners themselves:
Algebra1 Google Virtual Classroom

pre-Algebra Google Virtual Classroom

Google site made it possible for me to publish learning materials for immediate accessibility:
Algebra1 online course page

pre-Algebra online course page
Google docs for handouts, cornel notes and written activities:
Algebra1 Cornel Notes
Google slides for our online interactive notebooks:
Algebra1 Online Interactive Notebook

Google apps are commonly used everyday and through this online space, I wish to share some.  Been planning to do this for a long time and thankful for having this started. Succeeding articles will show how I prepare my daily learning materials and how Google (education) plays a huge part.